Bill invited the rest of the members of the Kendal Photography club to meet him a Killington Lake for a Friday night photoshoot (Social distancing of course). We met up at the service station just by the edge of the Lake and set up our camera kit.
Here are some of the images I managed to captures that evening, testing out my new secondhand Sigma 70 – 300mm zoom lens, and my slightly older second hand Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens. All captured as RAW and processed through Lightroom & Photoshop.

Thanks Bill!

Sleeping Elephants

My favourite set of hills, the patterning and the shadows on the hills are mesmerising, and they do look like sleeping elephants. Taken with the Sigma wide angle lens.

Geese Flying Home -Killington Lake

Took this rather quickly with the Sigma 70-300mm, and as you can see I think the geese are just on the edge of the focus of the lens and the sharp focus point was on the trees rather than the geese. I need to really try and remember to close down the aperture to expand the depth of focus. As an exercise I tried to improve the focus using various functions in Lightroom (Enhance details) and Topaz AI Sharpen (Focus). None really improved the focus of the shot so I left it as it was.

The next picture ‘Green Thistle’ was taken without a tripod using the macro function within the Sigma 70-300mm. The functionality of the lens was pretty impressive, once I was able to pull focus. This relied on me rocking slightly forward and backwards and taking several frames at a time. I then ran the picture through Lightroom CC and used Photoshop to remove some of the outer leaves of the thistle stem and blurring the background to keep focus on the thistle head.

Green Thistle- Killington Lake

This is all about the cloud formation I really like the spread of the cloud and its layers. Taken with the wide angle lens and cropped using Lightroom, and Photoshop Fix.

Clouds Over Killington Lake