Initial Concept

This video project came about through speaking to my neighbour, who needed to open his dental practice up following the lockdown. He was worried about the interaction with the public and how they would react to all the additional procedures, documentation and PPE gear that they had to wear, He was worried that it would put people off from going to the dentist and was concerned that it would cause additional anxiety.
I proposed that we make a COVID-19 walkthrough video as well as work on a general virtual tour of the practice for his practice website.

The initial idea was just to produce the video and post it to YouTube and link it back to his website and do the virtual tour later. We worked on the initial storyboard and worked out the rough positioning for each section. We had a meeting on site and decided to shoot some of the Virtual Tour at the same time as the video as Ollie, my neighbour, was worried that the shortage of PPE at the time would delay the video shoot. (See PDF Plan below)

We went on site for first meeting 01/06/20 to look at the physical layout as the practice was in lockdown until that point so also needed a deep clean. I also started work on the 360 bench website to be able to host the tour for Ollie. As it wasn’t going to be possible to host it on his site initially, and it made sense while we were Beta testing the tour.

Video went live 23/06/20

The COVID-19 video