After reading the last issue of the Mobiography e-zine I decided to look at a workflow using my new iPhone and the IColorama app.

I’m very keen on macro photography and wanted to combine the RAW images shot the iPhone with Icolorama, I also wanted to use a full mobile workflow. So I downloaded the Icolorama app onto my iPad Pro and using the iPhoto app I checked the RAW image files for levels etc.

Initially Working on in Affinity Photo iPad

Initially I used Affinity Photo and Photoshop for iPad to adjust the images, but then realised I could also import them directly into Icolorama and adjust them there.

So in my first attempt I used Affinity Photo iPad to adjust the levels and added a high pass filter overlay, to sharpen the image, and created a mask between layers, but again I found I could do this in Icolorama (N.B. Although there is no Histogram to check levels).

So eventually dropped this from the workflow as I found I could do more and more in the app.

To import directly into the app I selected the landscape image icon to RHS this automatically opens the iPhoto library and allows you to access your images.

Importing the Image and creating the Mask

By selecting the brush mask you then get a tool bar with adjustments and selections to choose from. I found the AI button the best way to create the mask.

I then started to create the background knowing the subject was masked off.

Final Image