This project was about working with my wife to help her blog about the family challenge ’31 Wainwrights in the 31 days of August’, I created a series of 360 Virtual Tours using the Insta 360 One camera for each walk showing the tops of the Wainwright’s of each peak we completed. To access the virtual tours click on the thumbnail pictures below:

Each tour contains the sequence of peaks we walked with links between the peaks, for this I created hyperlink location icons in Photoshop with the name of the peak the Wainwright peak number and the book colour based on the 50th Wainwright anniversary collection, for example blue is for the ‘The Central Fells’, etc.

So each fell would be easily identifiable for anyone with the Wainwright collection. It would also provide, hopefully, a good visual representation of the peaks.

The navigation of the tours was based on a simple control panel. With the ability to either navigate with the mouse or use the control buttons in the panel. The tour will work in a VR headset or cardboard.